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My name is Michael Crompton, I’m an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. I believe that to be an effective hypnotherapist you have to be very enthusiastic about what hypnosis can achieve. Being a hypnotherapist is both challenging and fascinating. Every day I’m working with clients to remove long-standing problems. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are what I enjoy doing, it never ceases to amaze me what can be achieved with hypnosis.

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I’m confident in saying that I believe I’m one of the most effective hypnotherapists in the country. Evidence of this is that every day I have clients traveling hundreds of miles from all over the country to experience my work. My work has been effective when all other therapies failed to help a person. I was originally trained in this country but eventually found it necessary to venture abroad to acquire, what I believe, is the only genuine effective approach. It has been my main focus acquiring the only true and original hypnotherapy techniques. This has allowed me to excel with the results that I and my clients achieve.

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You won’t find the usual array of so-called therapies being offered at my hypnotherapy practice. I couldn’t possibly begin to start adding other therapies into my workplace. When done correctly hypnotherapy can be a very demanding and draining therapy to be involved in. You can be sure I’m not a jack of all trades master of none! I’m both a fully registered hypnotherapist within this country, as well as abroad which is of a much higher standard to obtain.


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